Contemporary debates on nationalism

Contemporary debates on nationalism


  • MJ Vinod
  • Vineeth Thomas SRM University-AP


The paper attempts to critically position the major theories and debates on nationalism in the realm of religion, ethnicity, and culture, against the backdrop of globalization. Religious and ethnic nationalism allows for a clearer understanding of the complexities and politics of nationalism. The debate on nationalism has become exclusive and ubiquitous and led to the emergence of a school of nationalist ideologues and theoreticians. The primordial (with an emphasis on the emotional and kinship ties) along with the constructivist (with an emphasis on the social and historical circumstances) dimensions of nationalism continues to be relevant. Both the top-down and bottom-up theories of nationalism, along with the intersections and cross-currents, challenges posed by new-right nationalism, cultural and economic nationalism are also discussed. Contemporary nationalism seems to be caught between globalisation and identity politics.




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