Covid-19 Pandemic and the Securitisation of Human Security Threats for Sustainable Development

Covid-19 Pandemic and the Securitisation of Human Security Threats for Sustainable Development



With the worldwide spread of the Covid 19 pandemic, human security regains as a  central theme of discussion topic in the national and international systems. Human security must be prioritised as an influential agenda for policymakers dealing with these pandemics. In this context, the paper tries to analyse how securitisation of human security will enable us to deal with threats to human security more effectively, thereby making sustainable development feasible. In this context, the article tries to evaluate the accomplishment of Kerala state in the health sector as a model for sustainable health security in facing further   pandemics. During the period of Covid 19, the framework and strategy adopted by the state of Kerala in India were remarkable and have even been compared with the approach adopted by the Western countries in tackling the pandemic. Securitisation is a process by which an issue is prioritised as an essential issue that must be dealt with urgently as a primary security threat. Globally nation-states will have to act as a securitising actor and thereby set their agenda for the securitisation process. Human security needs to prioritised as a referent object that needs to be dealt with as a top priority by the state. By examining the human security centric approach, the states could bring a strong sustainable development agenda.

Author Biographies

Shibu M P, NSS College Pandalam, Affiliated to University of Kerala

Dr Shibu M P is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political science, NSS College Pandalam. He completed his MPhil and PhD from the Centre for International Politics, Organisation & Disarmament, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His areas of Interest includes Critical Security Studies, Media in Democratic societies, Research Methodology, Indian Society and Politics. He presented papers in national and national levels including the International British International Studies Association (BISA) Conference, London, UK.

Padmam A, Independent researcher

Padmam recently completed her PhD from School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University and is currently an independent researcher. Her doctoral thesis is on Nuclear renunciation: case studies of Brazil, South Africa and Ukraine. With a post-graduation in economics and doctoral work on Nuclear politics, she has widespread interest on topics across conventional boundaries that disciplines prescribe and has written on India’s Rohingya refugee crisis and the on-going geopolitical order (or shifting order).




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